Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Tineke (Oct 4)

Before you were born, Leif and Laika called you Baby Glitter. They didn't know that Glitter would actually describe you when you came out! But it does. Each and every day you delight us. You make us laugh when you do little dances, when you put shoes in the dishwasher, when you scream and clap your hands and walk backwards. We think you are a monkey when you climb onto the dining room chairs, throw a sock into the toilet or try to put underwear on your head. You are such a wonderful little friend for all of us. You are patient when we dress you up in costumes both normal and ab.
In one year you have gone from red-faced newborn to little blonde doll. You have learned to kiss, to hug, to laugh, to feed yourself and others. You can understand me when I say, "Tineke. Cough. Give me a cough." (sore throat) and you obediently try your best. When you hear the phone ring or a knock at the door you know what to do and run as fast as your little legs can carry you to the door. You get shy when you meet a stranger and hold very still with your head down, but if they are patient they will eventually be rewarded. You are so energetic and already a part of the team. You love to jump on your brother and sister and hug them, and you squeal happily when they carry you around the house. Like a little ant you grab the biggest thing you can find and try to carry it. Now you have a new game called Cirque Du Stroller. It's a little scary. You keep me on my toes!
Being one year old means walking around waving at people you don't know. It means squatting with your little bum one inch off the floor while you study a toy. It means talking in your gibberish language with a serious look on your face, and tucking a phone into the side of your neck while you wander around pretending to chat. It means you are completely innocent, you've never been unkind, and you've never told a lie.
Because you are our last baby everything seems to be going so quickly (too quickly). People don't need to tell me that I will look back fondly on these crazy days because somehow I already do. We appreciate each day of your babyhood and try our best to hold on to every moment. Thank you for making those moments so fun. You are a ray of sunshine.
We love you Tineke.
Happy Birthday.