Monday, March 23, 2009

New Stuff is Happening All the Time!

Well, for example, Laika got a Big Girl Bike yesterday.  It was a very special day for Erik and Laika.  They walked to Reckless Cycles and she got a blue bike with fish and mermaids on it (YES!  not PINK! - ok a few pink features, but still).  Then they practiced a bit, and I took them out again today and she is almost caught up to Leif.  She learned today that if I shriek, "Don't run into your brother!" she shouldn't crank the handlebars 90 degrees, because this position will almost always guarantee a fall.  Most likely the fault is mine.  Instead of shrieking I need to calmly state, "If you keep your heading you will most certainly collide."

Tineke can sit up unassisted for minutes at a time!  It is still dangerous to leave her, because she will dive for things and land on her nose, or get excited and throw herself backwards.  But she is definitely sitting and righting herself when she wobbles.  This does not bode well for our Lego habit.

And, as above, she is now able to eat baby rice crackers.  I love seeing her get excited about her newfound control over her world.  She's so happy to shove something in her mouth that is actually edible.

Leif is doing really well with his reading.  He now has a list of over 100 words that he can read quickly and easily.  Things like 'thing' and 'look' and 'string' and a large handful of simple 3 letter words with reliable short vowel sounds - 'men' 'pot' 'wit' 'vat' etc.  He's getting quite into it.  We're proud of him.

And Laika still calls Friday 'Friderday' so all is well in my world.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've Actually Kind of Liked My Middle Name

Tineke just had her 5 month shot on Monday.  Both kids watched and comforted her.  She didn't cry.  She screamed.  Dr. W. ended up blowing bubbles for Laika's benefit.  Then they watched me having some blood taken and they saw that it doesn't always make you scream.  They were really good about it all, and Laika still wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

The above picture was taken with the iPhone, hence the resolution.  Tineke has rice cereal all over her face.  She's also happy eating peas mashed up with the cereal.  She bounces away in between bites and her tiny little feet do the jolly jumper jig.  So much fun.

As we feed her we talk.

A:  Laika, you are so lucky you have Juniebelle as your middle name.  It's so pretty.
LJ: Yeah, like Tinkerbell.  What's your middle name?
A: Jeanne.
LJ:  Oooh.  That's a scary name.  Especially for little kids.  Like especially if a robot said it to you, like, "JEEEEAANNNNE."
LO (playing Lego and listening)  Yeah.  That would be a bummer.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Slow Down!

Today Laika and Leif were talking. Laika said, "Actually twins are two girls who are the same. They are from the same project. Right?"

Spring Break is starting today. It reminds me that last Spring Break is when we toilet trained Laika. (and the Spring Break before was Leif's turn). It all seems so long ago. I found this video message to Erik. It's from when Laika was 2 and a half. She was not toilet trained, but was on the way.

I'm pretty tough, but I did tear up when I watched this. Every time I watch it I tear up!

Friday, March 6, 2009

That Crazy Mulan!

While watching Mulan tonight Leif starts squirming in his chair and covering his eyes and showing signs of general distress.  Mulan (dressed as a man) is in battle.  "Fast forward this part!  Fast forward this part!"

A:  What's wrong?
L:  They're going to find out she's a girl and that guy will get mad at her.
A:  How are they going to know?
L:  She's going to get hurt, then go to the hostable tent and show them her nippers.  
A:  She's going to show them her nippers?  
L:  I mean 'nipples' and boys don't have nipples.
A:  You do.
L:  Yes, but mine are small.
A:  Daddy does too.
L:  Yes, but they're furry.
We are secret agents now, at our house.  We have ID cards and secret identities and disguises (complete with fake passport and IDs).  This goes well with the hot new craze called FlashLight Walk.  Going for a Flashlight Walk is fun.  You put on PJs, grab some flashlights and go explore Granville Island in the dark.  The kids get to be the only kids on the boat.  They like to flash their flashlights up close on tree trunks and in bushes looking for little animals.  Last time we went there was a tall grey crane standing very close to us in the duck pond.  The good thing is it still gets dark relatively early, so you can still be in bed on time but it feels very late.

Leif loves his little sisters, but there is a limit to what he's willing to do.  The other day as I was nursing Tineke on the couch Laika started calling me.  This whole conversation was yelled gently.

LJ:  Mommmmaaaay
A:  What do you need?
LJ:  I'm in the bathroom, and I need help.
A:  Laika, I'm nursing the baby, you can wipe your own bum.
LJ:  OH MAN!  

LJ:  Leeeeeiff.
LO: Laika, I'm not interested.
LJ:  Leeeeiff I need you in here.
LO:  No Laika, I am definitely, definitely not interested.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is what happens when Leif gets an ice cream cone.  You can wipe his mouth continually and he will just keep licking and smacking his lips and getting this effect.  I showed him this picture and he said, "Hey there's a guy in my soccer who looks like that.  I'm serious.  I've seen him a few times."
Here's Tineke sitting patiently in her car seat while Laika is in gymnastics.  Later on, as I changed her diaper in the car (without blanket) she decided to pee straight up like a little fountain (girls can do this too!).  I'm so glad we have leather seats.  I'd like to say they paid for themselves today, but actually Erik is paying for them.  
As I wiped the seat down Laika was watching me and talking.  
"You aren't mad at Tineke, right?" 
"Right.  But I just want the seat to be clean again."  
Laika thinks about it.  "It would be distressing for the next person who sits in it, right?"  
I think about it.  "Not if we don't tell them!"