Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is what happens when Leif gets an ice cream cone.  You can wipe his mouth continually and he will just keep licking and smacking his lips and getting this effect.  I showed him this picture and he said, "Hey there's a guy in my soccer who looks like that.  I'm serious.  I've seen him a few times."
Here's Tineke sitting patiently in her car seat while Laika is in gymnastics.  Later on, as I changed her diaper in the car (without blanket) she decided to pee straight up like a little fountain (girls can do this too!).  I'm so glad we have leather seats.  I'd like to say they paid for themselves today, but actually Erik is paying for them.  
As I wiped the seat down Laika was watching me and talking.  
"You aren't mad at Tineke, right?" 
"Right.  But I just want the seat to be clean again."  
Laika thinks about it.  "It would be distressing for the next person who sits in it, right?"  
I think about it.  "Not if we don't tell them!"

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