Friday, February 27, 2009


After spending ten years teaching elementary school, three of which granted me pregnancy-induced supersenses, I've developed the not so enviable ability to smell phlegm. Gross. I know. Anyway, my nose told me that there was something about Leif and Laika's colds that wasn't on the up and up. (OK two weeks worth of fevers was another hint) Well, they have a bit of pneumonia. I'm glad I realized it before they got really sick. Last year we didn't know what was going on until Laika had a fever of 103 that would not go down and she was panting instead of breathing. The next day she could hardly stay awake as I hauled her around to doctor appointments and chest x-rays and then she vomited up her medication. It was horrible. This time the sickness has been much easier to manage and we've actually had a lot of fun staying home from school and coming up with indoor games that require little exertion. Art!
Yesterday was self-portrait day. Leif is getting very literal. He put great care into his 'boy eyes'. They are different from girl eyes, because in case you haven't noticed boys do not have eyelashes. (But have you seen Leif's eyelashes?) I kind of wish he hadn't painted in the lips, he left them bright white right up until the end. He's very careful with the paintbrush, and is 'allergic' to fingerpainting.

I was impressed with Laika's self portrait. I thought it was grand that she didn't go for pink, as that seems to be her way. She has eyelids and ears and earrings and two nostrils running up the bridge of her nose. She was very proud of herself and so wanted to do a repeat, this time on pink paper. She told me that she wanted to do a circle nose this time. Portrait #2 reminds me of a Jim Henson creation.

Here you can see Leif's experiment with pointillism. It is an underwater scene, featuring a big yellow fish.
Laika shows us dirt that we can see. Not like those pesky pneumonia germs.
When art time is over it's always fun to mix up the rest of the paint until we end up with buckets of brown.  This is called 'science time'. All of this at home time has also afforded us the opportunity to finally pour a mold for Laika to make her T-Rex fossil. This is a photo looking through the clear mold. It is hard now and time to paint. She wants to paint her fossilized bones pink. I predict that they may also require glitter.
And here are Leif's completed more authentic looking bones. We just need to get a big enough piece of cardboard to mount them on and decorate.
As for the pneumonia, the kids are improving.  I would say Laika is all cleared up, and Leif is getting close.  We visit the doctor again in a few days.

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