Monday, February 2, 2009

You Won't Ablieve It!

Laika still calls 'beluga'  'abluga'  and 'balloon' is 'abloon'. 

I have been taking note of some descriptions lately.  We bought Jelly Bellies the other day and had a lot of fun sampling the different flavours.  I swear there is one that tastes like Drambuie.  Worst Jelly Bean ever.  Leif and Laika are afraid of the darkest ones.  Leif refers to the black one as tasting like Steam.  He hates it.

Underwear have been a source of fun descriptions from Laika:
Spicy Underwear - are undies with glittery edge that is itchy
Creaky Underwear - are undies that give a wedgie
Awesome Underwear - are Leif's spiderman undies

But I think my favourite of all is when Laika calls out, "You won't ablieve this!"   Today I couldn't ablieve it when Laika drew on the freshly laid bathroom tile with a black sharpie.  I also couldn't ablieve it when Leif kept giving away his magic tricks today.  The humour got me time and again when he would come up to me and say, "Do you want a little plastic elephant (or hammer etc).  Because I just HAPPEN to have a little plastic elephant UP MY SLEEVE!"  

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