Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gadget Mouth

One of my very favourite things that happens in our house is called Gadget Mouth.  This happens when you give Leif a bicycle pump and a balloon.  As soon as he has to focus on the dual task of firmly holding the rubber balloon opening and pumping with all his might something magical happens to his mouth (and if we're lucky his whole face).  He concentrates so intensely that his lips tighten against his teeth and swerve off into his cheek.  Both eyebrows go up, and yet he might squint.  His nostrils flare.  You never quite know exactly what Gadget Mouth will look like, but it always makes me laugh so hard (with no noise, head turned away - stomach bouncing) that I feel guilty.

Today Leif used his allowance to buy some new Lego (small exaggeration since we hardly ever put money in that jar and if we did it still wouldn't add up to 55 bucks).  Anyhoo.  Awesome new Lego set means many opportunities for surreptitiously looking up from his hands as he pushes a tiny little Lego doo-dad into place.  I need to videotape these moments very soon, because I know that future Leif is going to get a big kick out of Gadget Mouth, and if I could get him to watch and laugh with me then I wouldn't have to feel guilty about setting him up with a needle and thread tomorrow.

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