Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Parties

We are party animals.  A few nights ago we had my former professor over for dinner.  We had a lovely time and he was fabulous with the kids.  Within 5 minutes of his entrance Leif was trying to climb on him and Laika licked his sweater.  He told them stories about scorpions and elephants and pirates and had Leif singing "Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum".  Laika asked him if he had a girlfriend.  Then she pulled out her Godzilla suit and the party was on!   After supper Leif laid down on the couch with his head on said guests lap for a long cuddle as we attempted an adult discussion.  It was a great visit, and he left with some new art to put up on his fridge.  As I put her in bed later that night Laika asked if we could go to his next birthday party.  I said we probably could.  She wants to get him some 'little kids' for a present, since he doesn't have any grandkids yet.  I told her that we couldn't give him kids.  "Oh, well then I'll just get him an iPhone."

Today Laika hosted a little Tea Party with another little princess.  They ate jello and cupcakes and those weird wafer cookies and drank peppermint tea filled with sugar and cream.  This party was in response to the fact that Leif was going to a birthday party today, and it breaks Laika's heart that he is now invited to parties that she isn't.  A Valentine's Day Tea Party was the perfect distraction for her and gave us a reason to eat pink cupcakes and drink red wine.  As Erik went out to pick up some things he asked me, "Should I get a bottle  . . ." and before he could finish Leif called out "Of rum!"

(above is an old-timey pic of Laika as a babe)

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