Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, school is in full swing! Leif had no anxiety about going into Grade 1 and the transition has been reasonably seamless. He loves being at school all day, eats his lunch and snack and comes home tired out! The shocking thing about this move into REAL SCHOOL is how much WE miss him at home. The second we walk in the door after dropping him off Laika is lonely for Leif and wondering what to do. She's never had to worry about playing by herself. Even if Leif wasn't playing with her at least he was in the vicinity! She's also learning that Tineke can be a playmate (sort of) instead of just a doll that you pick up and carry from room to room. I sort of had this image that one fewer child at home would mean a little bit more time for me to get things done, and it has turned out to be the opposite.

Leif's going off to school has coincided with Tineke's desire to be exploring the world at every single moment. She is a monkey. She wants to crawl into the toilet, she throws clothes into the bathtub, she empties drawers, she climbs whatever she can reach. You know those soft pads that you place on sharp corners? She pulls them off and throws them away. Doesn't she know I put them there for HER benefit? She pulls knobs right off of the stereo. She squeals with laughter when the kids carry her around, and then screams when she's had enough. She's happy most of the time, and exhausted by evening. Last year I was able to watch the kids in their swimming lessons, this year I will be popping in and out, because Tineke just wants to get into the pool too.

Last week we spent most of their swimming lessons out in the soccer field. Here she is exploring:
Last week another mother I know who is taking her Early Childhood Ed. was observing at Laika's preschool. They had a partially paralyzed man in volunteering and she said that Laika spent a long time playing with him. She said it was clear to her that Laika was aware of his limitations and was very gentle and sweet with him. Of course Laika never mentioned this, but as soon as I knew what to ask about she had a lot to say. As I've mentioned before, I couldn't be more happy with Laika's preschool and the breadth of experiences that she is having there. On a side note: With 80 kids cycling through there each week, there is also a breadth of microbes, and they do an amazing job keeping everything clean and orderly! But I'm trying to be prepared for the onslaught of colds and fevers that are sure to be coming.

I'm so proud of these three little kids, and although I am a little grouchy and exhausted, it makes me happy to realize that the reason this month has been tough is that they miss one another. So even if Tineke sticks her hands into the toilet, and Laika always puts her shoes on the wrong feet, and Leif yells at me when I make him blow his nose, I will try to treasure each day. What else is there?

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