Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flying through the Holidays

We're in the car and Laika is kindly doling out little treats to Tineke.  You can't give her the whole container or it will be dumped.  All is going well.  Then Laika starts shouting, "NO Tineke!  Bad Girl!  Bad Girl!"  I say, "Oh Laika, don't yell at her.  Just don't let her get it.  But we don't say 'Bad Girl'.  We don't call you Bad, or Leif or Tineke Bad.  You are not Bad.  Sometimes we make Bad choices, but we are never Bad.  Tineke is not a Bad Girl, she is just making a Bad choice.  OK?"
Laika listens somewhat patiently and then says.  "Ok mom.  But NONE of that is important right now.  I'm trying to solve a PROBLEM right now."

We're at a restaurant and for dessert the kids get a choice of Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla ice cream.  Laika chooses Vanilla.  About halfway through she decides, "Next time I will definitely be getting Chocolate."  I say, "But I thought you preferred Vanilla?"  She licks her spoon and replies, "Well.  I prefer FRENCH Vanilla.  This is just plain Vanilla.  It is not quite as tasty as the French kind.  So I will not be ordering this again."

And lastly . . . we are leaving Butchart Gardens after having seen the Twelve Days of Christmas display.  We are noticing the 12 Drummers Drumming as you exit the Garden.  Laika starts loudly whining and hyperventilating.  She is about to cry.  We don't have a clue what has instantly upset her.  "I didn't get to see THEM!  I didn't get to see THEM!"  
"What didn't you get to see Laika?"
The 11 Vipers Viping!  I didn't see the Vipers!"
Well.  We all missed those.  Maybe they'll add them in next year.

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