Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leif is a Grown Man

Sometimes Leif takes us completely off guard.
About 2 weeks after Tineke came along, he came and sat beside me and asked earnestly, "So, how's the nursing going?  Is it still stinging?"  He was not trying to be cute, but asked with genuine interest.

You could take two things from this:  either I'm sharing way too much information with my 5 year old son, or he's just very perceptive.  I'm sticking with the latter.

Last night at supper Erik asked Leif if he thinks we should have another baby in our family. Without missing a beat he looked at me, calmly raised his eyebrows and asked, "Would YOU like to do that?"  It isn't lost on him that I would be the one most directly affected by such a decision.

Oh, and in case you're wondering - he would still like to have 'chiplins' or 'forflins'.  We taught him the word 'quadruplets' and he thinks it's hilarious.  He also keeps saying, "Laika, maybe we're having quadruplets!"  But guess what - we're not.  

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