Thursday, November 27, 2008

Est-ce que je peux aller au toilette?

Leif hit his second kindergarten speed bump, and came out unscathed.  Yesterday I didn't make him to go to the bathroom before we left for school.  I thought about it, but we were so busy (Laika, fully clothed down to raincoat had decided to lather her hands up with sunscreen to be 'ready for the beach').  He has visited the school bathroom a number of times without incident.  However, lately the students get to jump a beaver with their name on it down a little path every time they ask a question in french.  Leif couldn't recall how to ask to leave for the bathroom.  In his mind speaking in French became a necessity and he froze up.  He sat there ALL AFTERNOON  holding his bladder.  When Jen came to pick him up he was standing in the line up and began to sob uncontrollably.  She and Madame Myriam realized right away what had happened and made sure no one else did.  Jen got Benjamin's spare clothes, took him to the washroom and changed him.  To her credit, even Benjamin still doesn't know why Leif walked home in his spare pants.  By the way, Leif has a spare set of clothes at school, but was too stressed to find it.

Last night Erik and I both shared a tale of wet-pants.  I gave Leif my Grade 1 tree-climbing story.  I'll save my Grade 4 desk-pee story for when he needs a tale of mortification in the older grades.

Today Leif brought Mme. Myriam a card that read, "Thank you!  Merci!  Love Leif" with a heart breaking little picture of him standing there with his arms out for a hug.  Mme. Myriam called him over to thank him.  I asked if she gave him a hug.  Yes.  And a Kiss.  She's French you know.

He still loves school, and Jen, and his teacher.

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