Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Not Free!

One day in April Grandma and Laika sat in the chair for about half an hour and Laika was shown how to stick her tongue between her teeth and say, "THree"  instead of "Free" when describing her age.  She loved her newfound ability to say 'three' and uses it as often as possible.  When we meet people in an elevator she tells them how old she is, when we see objects in the world she counts them loudly and passes 3 with pleasure and ease.  However, she also says this, "One, Two, THREE, Four, THIVE . . . "

and when you describe something as being 'Free' you are corrected.
Because it is pronounced "THree".

Now here is a little Laika (not yet 2) standing in a box that is 3 feet tall.

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