Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've been busy!

Oh Man!  Long time no write! 
Moving is a big and busy job, and once you get out of habit of writing . . .  well you get the idea.  Here are a few stories and pictures to make up for it.

Magic Hat
About a month ago the kids and I, along with Grandma and Grandma N were going to take a fun trip on the new train that has a station right outside of our building.  We got all dressed up in boots and mitts and winter coats.  As we were making the final preparations to go outside Leif moseyed over to the couch and looked out the window.  "I'm tired.  I think I'll just stay and rest while you guys go."  We coaxed him a bit and then decided that he and Grandpa could stay home.  The girls would go.  I put on my hat and we went into the hall.  Suddenly Leif popped off of the couch and ran to the door.  He had changed his mind.  Once outside Grandma asked him what had happened.  "Well, I was kind of tired, but when I saw my mom put that cute toque on and I got all excited and wanted to come!"

Magic Tricks
We have been uncovering old toys as we pack up the house.  One such toy - a magic ball and cup set.  Leif is quite excited to do magic.  This is how it normally goes.  "Ok.  I'm going to do some magic.  It's important that you don't pay very close attention though."  -or- "OK.  You see this ball?  You see this cup? Ok, I'm going to put the ball INTO the cup.  You see it?  OK.  Now turn around and just close your eyes for a second."

Meat Lover
We bought a whole roast chicken.  As I stood in the kitchen carving it up I asked, "Who wants a drumstick?  Who wants a thigh?  etc."  Leif shouts out, "I want the Head."

I had taken the kids to aquarium and was scrolling through the camera checking out the pictures they had taken.  Octopus.  Red fish.  Jellyfish.  Attempt at Monkey.  Erik taking a shower.  Erik in the shower again (NSFW) Video of Erik taking a shower.  This is what happens when you leave a camera lying around within reach of a tech-savvy 6 year old.  Better Erik than me!  They have been deleted now, (but once SEEN never UNSEEN!)

And here's a little picture of a little bit of our new home.  It is shaping up day by day.  We are almost done unloading our storage unit.  We still have not rigged up a pulley system from one floor to the next or bought the kids their beds, but don't worry there is still time.


Lori Boyd said...

We can't wait to see your new living space.

Kim said...

Woooowwwwww it looks beautiful!!!! Wish I was visiting soon!

Kim said...

Ps. As usual I laughed out loud at least twice in this post... :-) I can never read your blogs at work. :-)

Kim said...

Ok now I'm just getting crazy with the comments but what did you use to take the photo of the apartment?

AJN said...

Hey Kim,
I used an iphone app called Hipstamatic! It is great and has some other looks too. You'll see it again soon! Once I start posting again!
And thanks for the comments!