Friday, April 17, 2009


The kids are always trying to get me to give them band-aids.  They would love to start each day with a few fresh band-aids on each arm.  So they point to little invisible cuts and squeeze their fingers and put injured looks on their faces.  

Leif - Oh No.  I have a cut.  A real cut.  There's even blood.
Anita - Where?
Leif - Riiiiigght here.  See this little thing?  That's real blood and it's been REALLY hurting all morning.  I need a band-aid.  For real.
Anita - All I see is a tiny speck.  You are not bleeding and it isn't a cut.
Leif - Well, please can I just have a band-aid on it?
Anita - Nope.  I'm eating my lunch.  Why don't you go make a sign on your magnet board?
Leif - Fine.

Here is the sign he made (and the finger posed beside it).

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