Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh Bumbo

Baby equipment always comes with warnings. Some which are helpful and others which just plant ideas in your head, like using an exersaucer as a toboggan. I've always been fond of the warning on powdered formula which reminds you to Add Water before feeding to baby.

On the Bumbo box it warns you to use on the floor, not on a table or chair. The Bumbo is a wonderful little baby seat and it has been great for Tineke. Before she could sit unassisted I would set her in it and she would be in the centre of the action with Leif and Laika. For some time now she's been able to use her legs like a clam uses its weird belly muscle, to squish out and push herself around the ocean floor, (living room) but the Bumbo has remained a safe place to put her when I need both arms. Well, all good things must come to an end. Yesterday as I removed a hot tray from the oven I heard a noggin-like thunk on the dining room floor. Tineke had unBumbo'd herself onto her little forehead (good thing I followed the warning on the box and she didn't fall three feet!). She was fine, but startled. See how she smiles through her tears? Now I've got one less option for keeping her confined. I've just got to deal with the fact that if she's not in the exersaucer of jolly jumper then she'll be rolling around the place dusting the floor with her sleeper and inspecting nooks and crannies for tiny choking hazards.

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