Monday, June 15, 2009

Goodnight Comb. Goodnight Brush. Goodnight Nobody, Goodnight Mush

 . . . those are may favourite lines from that bizarre book "Goodnight Moon."  We said goodbye to mush about a week ago.  Tineke will still eat mushed up whatever, but it is far more fun to watch her suck on a long strip of red pepper, gobble up a triangle of watermelon, or try to balance 5 peas on her little hand.

In the same spirit of culinary adventure that I'm trying to bestow upon her I've decided to try some new foods.  There are two vegetables I love, but that don't sit too well with me (if you know what I mean).  Their names are broccoli and cauliflower.   So poor L and L are deprived, and only get to see these exotic vegetables in other peoples' homes.  

However, today we played chefs with a large beautiful cauliflower.  We examined it, cut it up, broke it apart, washed it and then tossed it with olive oil and salt and baked the florets for about half an hour - until golden.  They were quite tasty with our lunch and we all ate probably a few too many.

For supper, I decided to dish out the few leftovers.

Laika:   Oh no.  Not broccoli again!
Me:      It's not called broccoli.
Laika:    What is it again?
Me:       Caaauulliiiii . . . . 
Laika:     Oh yeah.  Caulisporin

Leif emerges from bathroom, where he's been washing his hands.

Laika:    Look Leif, more caulisporin
Leif:      Oh no.  I think I maybe like broccoli.  But I don't like the caulisporin.

That's OK.  Tineke eats quinoa and parsnips without complaint.  So we'll ride on her coattails.


Mike said...

haha very funny! When I was a kid, I thought "coleslaw" was called "cold slop" and couldn't figure out why anyone would want to eat such a disgusting looking/sounding food!

AJN said...

Yep! Cold Slop is what it is too! Except I like it now.