Thursday, June 18, 2009

Toothless Wonder Learns to Wave

This afternoon I could not keep Tineke away from the window, where she was watching the guys with their blowtorches and hot pitch.  She would stand there babbling loudly.  Let go of the window and balance.  Wave at the workers.  Fall over.  Repeat.

Yesterday morning I put her on the floor of our bedroom to play while we could watch her from our cosy bed.  She was making all sorts of 'Hiya hiya hiya' noises and then she climbed up and stood over her box of toys so that she could wave at the teddy bears inside.  This was some serious cuteness.  I can't really say how cute it was, because it was way too cute.

See for yourself (and check out my awesome barrette)
OK.  Now that could have only been entertaining for about 4 people in the world, but I am one of them, thus it was posted.

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