Wednesday, June 17, 2009

International House of Confusion

There are some men out working on the roof of the townhomes connected to our building.  When we look out the window we look down on them.  I asked the kids to see what they were doing.

Leif:  There is a German guy building a Mexican house out of Chiney rocks out there.

You would think that we tell jokes around here about, "A Mexican and a German and a priest walk into a bar  . . . but of course we don't.  So maybe they aren't actually doing roofing, maybe there is a German guy building a Mexican house out there.  

 . . . . and in related news (that news being Leif saying the darnedest things)

As Tineke is now crawling around eating all manner of foreign objects I'm on choking hazard alert.  So yesterday I run into the playroom and start sweeping her mouth for whatever little bit of paper she is chewing on.  I find a Lego 'bushing' which is a tiny round thing.

Anita:  Oh No!  I thought we'd got rid of all the Lego from this room!  
Leif:  Well, we tried!
Anita:  I'm just really worried about Tineke eating choking hazards.
Leif:  Well, you know what we could do?  We could cut open her stomach and all of the weird things that she's swallowed will fall out!

If this seems shocking, it isn't.  His favourite thing right now is learning about sharks.  And his favourite page in his favourite shark book shows all of the crazy things that people have found after cutting open a shark (suits of armour, purses, chickens, cameras, a moose).  I'm afraid we wouldn't find such interesting things in Tineke's stomach.  But thanks for the cool book Grandma and Grandpa!

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