Monday, January 19, 2009


Tineke is 3 and a half months old now!  The time has passed so quickly.
She is off the charts for her height and is close to the top for weight and head.  She is a jolly little baby.  The kids have no problem making her smile, and if you tickle her a little she will give a beginner's chuckle.  She tries to talk back to us if we wait, and is constantly trying to make eye contact with you so that she can smile and reel you in.  She is able to grab her little squeaky star and bring it to her mouth.  At this point she's about 50% nursed and 50% bottle fed.  She goes to bed for the night at 8 or 9 and sleeps for 12 hours with one or two brief wakings to be nursed.  She starts off the night in the cradle my dad built and wakes up between Erik and I.  During the day she naps whenever we get in the car and if we are at home, she is pretty easy to lay down and leave.  She enjoys the bath and the kids enjoy helping me wash her.   If you let her 'kiss' your cheek, she will start sucking on it.  The kids think this is hilarious (and it is - it tickles).  

Tineke is by far the most easy going of the three kids.  I remember Leif being easily startled at this age with the sound of crinkling plastic, and Laika was not easily left (to put it mildly). 

It is amazing how quickly and effortlessly this new little person came in and made her presence an integral part of our happiness.
Happy Quarter birthday little TinTin!

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