Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas time was here.

We had a great time on our vacation.  Too much to write about so I will list it:

1 - Gifts had been 'hidden' in bathroom since October.  L and L knew, but didn't peek once!
2 - We sat on tarmac in airplane for 5 and a half HOURS before taking off for holiday.
3 - We were so excited to see cousin C and meet our newest family member.
4 - LO was very serious and well-behaved at Christmas Eve service.  LJ lip-synched to soloist.
5 - On Christmas Eve LJ decided she didn't want Santa coming down the chimney.  
6 - This year both big kids decided that sledding is actually fun.
7 - LO decided that he loves Lego 'one notch' more than Playmobil.
8 - LJ came up for new names for Nana N: Grammy Mixer, Grammy Caker, Grammy Breader.
9 - We went swimming twice and had a great time with the family.
10 - LO got a haircut (it looked like he had a wig on) and is a handsome little man.
11 - It was great fun visiting at the cousins' house.
12 - I got a nest of stainless steel mixing bowls!  I love them.
13 - We  also got two more wonderfully soft quilts from my aunt.  I love them too.
14 - There were all the cookies you could eat, and lots of feasts as well.
15 - We got to see my Mom and Dad just before Christmas during our Gingerbread decorating.
16 - Thanks to grandparents, we now have every kind of remotely operated vehicle you can own.

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