Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let's Have A Joint

The Scene: early Sunday morning, in our bed, Tineke in the middle, Laika on me and Leif climbing in . . . 

LO: Not Good Morning.  
LO: I said, "Not Good Morning."
ERT: Why not?
LO: I didn't even sleep last night.  I had too much cough.
AJN: That's too bad.  Climb in.
(Leif climbs in between us)
LO: Let's have a joint.  I have a joint.
AJN: What!?
LO: I am the joint and Tineke is the gear and Laika is a gear too.
AJN and ERT:  Oh.

The Scene:  Laika on the couch cuddling with Erik, but now he's talking to me and she's getting bored, and is trying to extricate herself from behind his legs.  He's not making it easy for her.

LJ: Oh man.  I gotta get out of this situation. 
(the best part is, she says it sort of under her breath - to herself)

The Scene: Sitting at the kitchen table eating Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.

LO: Mom.  What's your favourite thing in the world?
Me: You.  You and your sisters and dad.
LO: No, not your favourite people.  Your favourite thing.
Me: Snorkelling.
LO: No.  I mean.  What is your favourite thing!?  
Me: Umm.  Hmmmm . . .
LO: Come on! A rocket or a horse?

The Scene: Driving Laika and Tineke home from preschool.  Laika trying to talk to me from the backseat.

LJ: Mommy.  Did you bleepep auguuus a beee sooool?
Me:  Laika, I can't hear you.  Talk more loudly.
LJ:  Mommy.  Did you knoow that weee bleeeoooopp and a soooool and uuuuugg?
Me:  Laika, wait until we get home.  I really can't hear your question.
LJ:  MOMMY!  I SAID, "Did you know that Angela and Nargis don't actually sleep at Tiggy Winkle Preschool!"

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