Monday, January 19, 2009

Bedtime Interview

I'm putting kids to bed, so I'm going to interview them before they fall asleep.

Favourite Mythical Beast
Laika - Twinkle Monster
Leif - El Chupacabra

Favourite Song
Laika -  Tortuga (Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack)
Leif - Popcorn (by Hot Butter)

Favourite Things to Dream About
Laika - Fairies flying around me
Leif - Clubhouse with robots in it

Favourite Teddy Bears
Laika - Rocky Raccoon, Baby Maxine, Saul the Bear, Posey the Dog
Leif - Trevor the Bear, Dixie the Dog, Tim Johnson the Dog

Favourite Movie
Laika - Happy Feet, Bee Movie
Leif - The Incredibles, Night at the Museum (he saw a bit on TV)

Favourite Place to Go
Laika - swimming lessons
Leif - Science World

Favourite Foods
Laika - apples (and my invisible pet dog likes raspberries)
Leif - bananas

Scariest Thing
Laika - a monster
Leif - a dragon

What do you like to Draw?
Laika - Agent Superthin
Leif - my favourite thing to draw is robots

OK, and now Erik is here to take over!
We'll do this again someday.

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