Thursday, January 8, 2009

How the Weekend Starts

Tomorrow morning Leif and Erik will begin the second set of soccer lessons.  The first session was so educational for Leif as he had NO IDEA about how the game was played.  In the first lesson he was on the Blue team, so he was so confused about why the Red team was coming over onto his side, and they were trying to score on the Blue goalie!  In his mind it was the Blue Team vs. the Blue Goalie, and the Red Team vs. the Red Goalie.  This is a hilarious idea to me.  The poor goalies all alone.   In team sports you need to cooperate with your team mates and be aggressive toward the other team (inasmuch as taking the ball is aggressive).  Leif is not aggressive AT ALL, so he gives the ball a wide berth.  When he sees the throng of boys coming in his direction he hastily hops aside.  Luckily in this class the parents are encouraged to stay with their player to point them in the right direction.  Erik does a good job pointing Leif the right way, and Leif does a good job trying to look busy.  He pulls on his pinny and runs around.  On his last day in December he gave the Coach a hug goodbye and the coach offered us some reassuring words about how Leif is a 'thinker' and an 'observer' and that this often results in the best kind of player.  Maybe.  Although when you see the bloodlust in the eyes of some of the other kids it's hard to imagine that he's ever going to go for it in the same way.  Fortunately Erik and I don't care if he ever gets really into sports, we just want him to understand about what a 'goal' is and why the kids are wearing different colored pinnies.  And we like to go take the kids out to the coffee shop afterwards.

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